Dartex Construction is a Zimbabwean black-owned construction company, which focuses on Road and Stormwater Drainage Construction; Water & Sewage Treatment Plant; Water & Sewage Networks Construction; General Building And Construction Services; Electrical And General Engineering Services. Since its inception in January 2009, the company has been steadily growing into a successful and reputable construction firm. The company has operations in Zimbabwe and strategic partners in South Africa with permanent professional staff to provide comprehensive services to our Clients.


Dartex Construction is a division of Dartex Investments with the view of growing to be listed on the stock exchange to become a public owned company. The main vision of the company is to provide excellent construction services to our Clients to improve the environmental quality and promote the concept of sustainable developments thus developing of legacy through the quality of completed projects.


High quality of construction products for every project. Deliver project on time, within the project budget at the required specifications. Offer highly skilled professional team to impart skill to the local community. Use of alternative quality construction technology to improve environmental sustainability. Offer training to communities through involvement of labour intensive programmes and contributing to meaningful job creation in all our projects. Client's confidentiality and integrity with consistency in delivery of all our services.


To ensure commitment in all projects awarded to the company while adhering to professional principles of business and contribution to the general community in advancement of human resources and development of sustainable meaningful jobs in every community we work in.


COMPANY REG: 07/03/2007
C.O.I: No. 6758/2007
TAX CERT: 0200102711

Member of:

Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association. 03/2021

Member of:

Ministry of Local Government & National Housing C23/2018

Member of:

Construction Industry Federation Of Zimbabwe (C.I.F.O.Z) 11447




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Dartex Construction prides itself for having quality personnel who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the construction industry. For all projects, there is always a full time site agent with all required foremen on site to ensure that the client's needs are always communicated and met on time.

Over and above the technically qualified personnel, the company owns plant and machinery required, resources and systems.

Dartex Construction has the ability to provide clients with appropriate solutions to their needs. Currently the company has sufficient cash flow to sustain its the current projects. It is also to be noted that the company has a good relationship with suppliers who have opened credit facilities for optimum management of cash flow. Due to the effective management of cash flow, the company currently does not have any outstanding loans for operational reasons with any bank.

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